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Helen from Kentucky - AIM participant since January 2004

Since participating in the self-healing Program of AIM I am feeling so much better about things. I am taking responsibility for my own choices/creations.
Tags: Bolder; Braver; Connectedness; Emotion, releasing negative; Energy; Feeling better about things; Love; Negative emotion, releasing; Rash; Self-responsibility; Skin; Skin rash;

Since participating in the self-healing Program of AIM I am feeling so much better about things. I am taking responsibility for my own choices/creations. I feel like I have more energy. My diet is even changing. My body wants fruit and veggies. I feel braver, bolder, like I want to go out and meet life head on where until now I had that desire, but didn't feel I had the energy to actually follow through. I want to be good to myself now. I am letting love in. I am allowing. I've been on an emotional roller coaster lately, but through the process I have released a lot of negative emotion, and that is good! The AIM Program has made it possible for me to let myself be more aware. I feel the connectedness of all things at a new level. I glanced at the TV yesterday and there were three men talking about sports...the first thing I saw was their oneness...I could have cried. A shift has occurred and it's glorious. For the first time in my life I feel like I am in control...that I am the creator of my life. What I've been wanting for the past 16 year, was piled up outside my door all this time and AIM has given me the tools to open that door! I believe it's the greatest tool we have today for self-healing and reaching our highest potential. There is nothing else like it.

In addition I have had this spot of really dry skin on my lower back. It has grown in since over the years. I've had it for about 16 years now. A doctor just called it really bad dry skin because she wasn't sure what it was. Nothing would get rid of it. It didn't bother me too much but I noticed a week ago it was almost it IS gone! I mean even the redness under the layers of dryness is GONE! I have beautiful clear skin there now!!!

I have waited to tell this because I wanted to be sure it didn't come back and I wanted someone else to look at it for me. I am just AMAZED that I've self-healed my skin after trying so many things! Woohoo! I even had my son look at my back this morning just to see if he could find any signs of it and he said there is not one red spot or dry skin anywhere! I could not have done it without AIM or I would have done it a long time ago. 16 Years is a long time to have a skin rash!

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