Jamelle Rackley
Independent Facilitator for EMC²
(678) 458-3384
Welcome energetic beings! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about EMC2 and the AIM Program. In my work as coach and EMC2 Facilitator, the one thing I am asked most is, "How can I live a more joyful, healthy, productive, and empowered life?

I believe you can tap into the radiant substance of the Universe to create anything and everything you want, exactly as you want it. However, accessing this awesome power usually requires that you make some changes in the way you think, and in what you believe. That is, it requires a willingness to take a spiritual journey to remove your blockages and expand your conscious awareness, so that you may deliberately direct your movement forward.

I invite you to take that inner, spiritual, healing journey through the AIM Program of EMC2. You can become your own empowered self-healer. You can raise your vital Life Force energy. You can become more fully conscious on all levels of your being.

As your AIM Facilitator, I am your AIM Support Coach assisting you along your path. My mission is to serve your energetic needs by helping you become the magnificent being of radiant wellness and perfect expression that you are.

Use my site to explore the many benefits you gain from AIM, and call me. I look forward to speaking with you, and to journeying with you on this glorious path to wellness and greater consciousness.


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