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Joy from Colorado - AIM participant since January 2003
Testimonial provided October 2006

Joy's uterine fibroids stop bleeding and start shrinking, annual respiratory illness doesn't come back and she opened up emotionally and fell in love. Her acupuncture patients go on AIM and she sees that they improve as well.
Tags: Acupuncture patients improve; Emotional wellness; Fibroids; Love; Respiratory; Uterine fibroids;

I didn't expect much when I signed up for the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing through The AIM Program. One of my patients asked me to check it out with her. I was open to it since I had worked with radionics at an alternative cancer clinic.

I had my own health issues. Large uterine fibroids that originally created a lot of bleeding during my periods. The 8 months prior to joining AIM the bleeding had been constant and extremely heavy. This affected my practice as an Acupuncturist (I am licensed and board certified). I had endured long courses of herbal, acupuncture and other treatments, nothing helped. The only thing western medicine offered was surgery, which I didn't want to do.

I was surprised when by the self-healing I achieved when by the second day on AIM the bleeding completely stopped and has not returned at all. My fibroids are shrinking and my other health issues have improved. Every year for 2 to 10 weeks I would experience severe respiratory ailments. This last winter I had none. There are other ailments I no longer experience since beginning my self-healing through The AIM Program.

I had closed down emotionally since my mother's death in 1994. I have not wanted to be in any relationships. After 6 weeks on The AIM Program, I fell in love. My spirits were raised. My health has remained very good. My artistry as an acupuncturist has improved. My energetic experience on AIM has been very subtle. But my personal healings have not been at all subtle.

I have been telling my friends and patients about AIM. With those that have joined AIM I've noticed my acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine are more effective plus more fun to receive and give!

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