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Deen from Arizona - AIM participant since November 2002
Testimonial provided December 2011

Deen describes being treated for Hodgkin's disease for many years and a mass growth on spine which disappeared after a few days. Doctors were amazed at the blood work results.
Tags: Awareness; Emotional healing; Growth on spine; Hodgkin's disease; Mass; Spine;

I wanted to send you a note regarding the last year on the AIM Program. I was on the AIM Program 7 years ago for about 6 months and got back on the trays last July (2010). A little history, I have been treated several times over the last 20 years for Hodgkin's Disease. I have done everything from having a bone marrow transplant to seeing a $600/half-hour hands on healer and anything else you can imagine.

While it has not defined my life, I am definitely self-healing something very deep. About a month ago (July 2011), we discovered I had a mass near my spine. It threw my doctors for a loop because my blood work was spotless - no sign of anything wrong other than some back pain. The mass had most likely been there since before I got back on the trays in July 2010, because of the slow-natured way the disease grows in my body. I opted for some radiation to be followed with a very gentle chemotherapy regimen.

After 8 days of radiation, I was rescanned and the mass was already gone! Furthermore, my doctors are all amazed at my blood work and cells. They have commented that for someone who has been through what I have been through, they never would have known from what my body looks like now. Overtime, they often see changes in blood work and the shape and size of cells - I don't have any of that. It's as if I had never been sick.

While I take care of myself, I know the AIM Program has had a big part in helping me rejuvenate my body on a daily basis. Furthermore, in my heart I believe the heightened awareness I feel helped me during treatment. I could feel the emotional healing happen while I was receiving the treatment. I could really tune in to what wanted to be healed and was able to release it - even to the point that I knew when the mass was gone and that I no longer needed the radiation. It was at once the strangest and most powerful experience I've ever been through.

Thank you EMC² for the AIM Program and for helping me in my self-healing journey.

Deen, Arizona

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