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LeRoy from South Dakota - AIM participant since April 2002
Testimonial provided October 2006

What You Don't Know May Hurt You. My name is LeRoy Weimer and I am a relatively new EMC² Facilitator although I have been on The AIM Program for well over four years.
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What You Don't Know May Hurt You.

My name is LeRoy Weimer and I am a relatively new EMC² Facilitator although I have been on The AIM Program for well over four years. In honest retrospect, my initial year on the program was filled with the semi-conscious skepticism about the potential for self-healing via The AIM Program.

I made myself very busy managing the business operations and coaching for a large baseball organization for dozens of teenage boys and their families. Time was spent accomplishing the multitude of tasks preparing for the new season and once April rolled around and games started, we commenced a demanding travel schedule that lasted through August. Anyway, I was enjoying the energy spurt of a longer than usual honeymoon period on AIM so all was well until...

In August of 2002 I endured my first major self-healing on The AIM Program. During my playing days as a catcher, I had the usual nicks, broken nose and fingers, and also experienced a deep groin injury and many hamstring pulls. Now, as the excitement of another tournament season for our young men approached, I was literally dropped to my knees and laid out flat by an intense spasmodic release in my low back and groin. I recall being driven to the state tournament because I could not sit up in the vehicle. They hauled me there like a large piece of luggage in the back of my SUV. I could participate thanks only to pain killer du jour. This condition lasted for more than a week until I could fully stand and stretch again. That fall I could hike and get around but discomfort and stiffness continued up and out of my low back and groin area for the rest of the year. It is interesting to note, however, that I could correlate the mental/emotional stressors of managing and motivating a dozen board members (and several dozen parents) to the pain in my undersides. Today, I have no pain in either area and strength has returned. Even during those times when I tax those areas more than usual, I just recover and move on.

I am aware of my predisposition for a lot of mental energy and a little emotional suppression! The AIM Program does not allow too much to be dealt away to the unconscious and in 2004 this proved out for me. I had just begun my fourth season as baseball coach and I began to project some intense anger and resentment for the various projects that remained undone as we moved into the season. I could feel myself choosing many avoidance behaviors out of fear that I would not be appropriate in a very "social" position as head coach. On Father's Day, 2004, after a hot double-header, a kid's clinic, and a team picnic, I was ready to blow my gasket. The following day I experienced a Bell's palsy release that left the entire right side of my face in a meltdown.

Two years later and after regaining 99% of my face back, I titled this piece and offer this testimonial to remind everyone that The AIM Program will offer you a great gift. The gift of consciousness. Energetic Balancing will help you to stay in tune with yourself on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Staying on The AIM Program long term will also provide you with the protection of many active airborne frequencies being introduced into the environment. However your own self-healing journey unfolds, emotional apathy, defense mechanisms, and avoidance become impossible. Self-responsibility for all of life's wonderful synchronicities and certain healing catharses should they arise, will always move you forward to the next place you must be to further your evolution. My intention has always been for the highest and best to occur for my life. I could no longer allow myself to remain stagnant in my baseball position because it no longer served me. At the risk of sounding a bit dramatic, the more you choose to be the conscious AIM participant the more you will be able to experience life in deeper ways. In fact, if you are of the simplistic impression that you can pay your money and The AIM Program will take care of the rest, this is probably not for you.

I have created my dream relationship, I am lining up with a life's work that will demonstrate my spiritual becoming, and my son has just joined us after eight years in another part of the country to witness it all. What you don't know may hurt you and I have come to know myself more fully everyday and for that I am most grateful to the founders of The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing.

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